New York, New York (September 4, 2008)--Luke Henry, who is battling Speaker Sheldon Silver for his assembly seat in the 64th Assembly District, was endorsed yesterday by Chia Sin Tse of the Fujian Fuzhou Senior Association U.S.A. Inc., Wan Ping Cheung and Jimmy Chang of the United Fujianese of America Association, and Stephen Wong of the Chinese Restaurant Association.

The endorsements came during a community event and press conference at the East Market Restaurant on East Broadway where Henry took questions from a large bilingual audience.

At the event, Henry discussed the community's need for a senior center dedicated to the rapidly-growing Fujianese community and his plan to meet that need. Henry underlined his commitment to modify the East Village/Lower East Side rezoning in order to protect vulnerable residents and businesses in Chinatown located outside the rezoning. Henry also discussed his understanding of and commitment to fighting for improved education and English language learner programs in the district.

"The needs of the Chinatown community and its scores of new immigrants have been largely ignored by Speaker Silver," Henry said. "The area remains one of the poorest in all of New York City. Economic disadvantages combined with severe language barriers, overcrowding, and pollution are realities of daily life for residents of this important part of Lower Manhattan, and that is unacceptable. Unless addressed, the city's affordable housing crisis will only serve to increase the desperation," he added. Henry vowed to champion the interests of this vital, vibrant community.

The event was covered by Sinovision and local Chinese-language newspapers.

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Luke Henry in the New York Sun

On August 25th, the New York Sun published an article about the race that highlights Luke's efforts and success in Chinatown.

An excerpt from the piece:

What is Chinatown if Chinese people can't afford to live here? It's just going to be a sign that says, 'Chinatown,'" the head of the United Chinese Associations of Eastern USA, Steven Wong, said in his basement office on Doyers Street. "It's good that Silver's getting opposed, and I'm urging people to vote against him.

Mr. Henry has Mr. Wong's enthusiastic support. "Already, the East Village and the Lower East Side have been gentrified," Mr. Henry said. "The same thing will happen to Chinatown next.

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Luke Henry and his wife, Meghan Bryant, welcomed their first child, a son, on Saturday, August 16. Oliver Franklin Henry was born at 2:41 p.m. at New York University Medical Center, weighing in at seven pounds, nine ounces.

Mom and baby are doing great. An elated Luke says he's looking forward to taking Oliver to the park for an introduction to campaigning.

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On Tuesday, July 15, 2008, Luke Henry joined local activists in advocating for increased community involvement in the LES/East Village rezoning process. The rezoning plan has already been approved by Community Board 3 and is awaiting the approval of the Borough President, City Council, and the Mayor. The rezoning process has not, to date, carefully enough addressed the impact that the plan will have on surrounding areas. It does not sufficiently protect the low-income families and small businesses that are most adversely affected by the plan. Luke Henry believes that it is incumbent upon the elected officials, whose approval is required for the process to move forward, to exert their influence to ensure that the plan meets the needs of all people affected by rezoning.

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On August 8th, the Downtown Express featured an article about the race for the 64th Assembly District. As in the past, Luke received positive press coverage as he described his background and dedication to the community's amelioration.

An excerpt from the piece regarding Luke's background:

Henry went to law school at Fordham University, where he was president of the Fordham Law Democrats and founded the school's American Constitution Society to advance progressive ideas in the judiciary. He has represented plaintiffs in medical malpractice suits and most recently worked in contract law. Henry has also worked pro-bono for the Village Reform Democrats and volunteered for Community Board 3's Environment Committee.

Henry and his wife live on E. 4th St. and are expecting their first baby, a boy, any day now. He said he decided to run against Silver because he sees this as a moment for a political sea change: New York has a Democratic governor and many think the Senate will turn Democratic this fall.

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Luke Henry celebrating the Beijing Olympics in Chinatown.

Calls for Leadership in Cutting Deficit Spending

New York, New York (August 1, 2008)--On Wednesday, Speaker Sheldon Silver addressed the state's climbing budget deficit projections by saying, "Let's sit around for a few more weeks and analyze a little more data before we act precipitously." Today, Luke Henry responds to this negligent and irresponsible approach.

"'Wait and see' has been a hallmark of Speaker Silver's tenure," said Henry. "The Speaker always finds time to sit around but all too often doesn't find time to act until it's too late. Speaker Silver has received ample time and ample warning about growing fiscal woes, but has remained mired in inaction. He has demonstrated this pattern time and again, putting off the introduction of campaign finance reform legislation until the waning days of the legislative session, when no time for compromise remained. He dragged his feet on congestion pricing, all the while signaling support, until he orchestrated a no-vote on the vital legislation. Lower Manhattan needs a representative who will act decisively to combat the state's problems."

Luke Henry advocates initiating a state hiring freeze and reducing salaries and benefits for future managerial hires, until the depth and severity of the problem is appreciated. He also highlights the need to identify and remove duplicative programs that strain the state's budget. But such short term fixes need to be coupled with long term initiatives in order to dislodge the structures that have caused the state's deficit to mount over time. Luke Henry calls for increased oversight over the state's authorities in order to expose and reduce waste. He also champions publicly financed campaigns as the best means to limit the influence of special interests, whose priorities clog the arteries of government.

"If elected, I will not sit around to institute cost-saving reforms," Henry said. "Voters in Lower Manhattan can count on me to relentlessly pursue any and all measures that can responsibly contribute to putting the state's fiscal house in order," he added. Henry additionally outlined greater review and oversight over member-items as a common sense opportunity for fiscal housekeeping.

Success of Fund-Raising Efforts Shows Growing Support


Assembly candidate Luke Henry today announces that he has raised $72,590.00 so far in his campaign to unseat Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

"I am exceedingly pleased with our campaign's fund-raising efforts so far," said Luke Henry. "I want to thank our staff and volunteers for working tirelessly to get our message out to the voters in Lower Manhattan. The success of our grassroots effort demonstrates a true appetite for change in the district. We believe our strong showing of contributions is only the beginning of the growing groundswell that will ultimately unseat the Speaker."

The vast majority of donors to Henry's campaign made small contributions of $200 or less. "While Speaker Silver has massed significantly more funds, most of his contributions came from special interests and PACs. We believe that the voters who want change will not let the war chest of an incumbent so heavily entrenched in Albany stand in the way," said Henry. "Our campaign has been--and will continue to be--successful in raising the money we need," he added.

Silver's other challenger, Paul Newell, raised approximately $20,000 less than Henry during the latest filing period and almost $5,000 less overall despite beginning his fundraising earlier than Henry.

Luke-Henry-and-Merle-McEldo.gif On Sunday, July 13, Luke Henry joined volunteers from the progressive group Democracy for New York City, which endorsed him last month, at an event at the South Street Seaport. The goal of the event was to inform people about Senator Obama, sign people up to support his campaign, and register more New York voters. Luke Henry is proud to support Senator Obama, as Luke believes that change is needed on the national level as well as in our communities.
On July 9th, 2008 Luke Henry was invited to speak with Roberto Perez, from the LaGuardia Community College webradio station, which is based in Long Island City. The conversation is available online and runs roughly thirty minutes.

Come meet Luke at The Dressing Room!

When: Tuesday, August 26, 5:30 pm to 8 pm

Where: The Dressing Room, 75A Orchard St., between Broome and Grand St.

Why: Come meet Luke and join us for a fundraiser as we prepare for September 9th - Primary Day.

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