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Marriage Equality

By becoming the first state to legislatively enact marriage equality, New York can be a model of tolerance to the rest of the nation and a state whose residents can all raise strong families. Governor Paterson's recent directive that all...

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Reform Mayoral Control / Expansion of Educational Opportunities

I support mayoral control of the New York public school system. Parents deserve a say in their children's education, so they should be able to vote for the lawmakers who are responsible for the policies implemented by their school system....

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Green Technology

It's time to incentivize innovative practices to turn developers into a force for environmental good. Lawmakers must provide a framework so that development will occur in a way that will minimize adverse environmental impact, preserve the existing character of a...

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Fair Congestion Pricing

A new version of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's congestion pricing plan that was killed by Speaker Silver this year will cut down on the traffic that contributes to the district's high childhood asthma rates and will provide the state with the...

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Statewide Universal Health Care

Universal healthcare is the most practical and cost-effective solution to our state's healthcare problems. By insuring the entire population, New Yorkers will make more regular visits to the doctor and fewer visits to the emergency room, and families will not...

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Fiscal Reform

Debt and budget reform are first priorities in curbing New York's excessive spending and debt. I advocate limiting the amount of debt the state and its authorities can assume, restricting the use of debt to capital projects, and making debt...

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Redistricting Reform

Under New York's current system, the Senate Majority Leader and Speaker of the State Assembly are effectively given the power to draw new district lines for their own chamber every ten years. This system guarantees partisan gerrymandering that produces districts...

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Legislative Reform

Albany is legendary for political gridlock and secrecy. It's time to eliminate the rules that obstruct change and limit public debate and input. Certain arcane legislative structures allow Senate and Assembly leaders to secure narrowly defined agendas. My opponent, Assembly...

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The Lower East Side, the East Village, Chinatown, and Battery Park City are in the midst of a crisis in affordable housing. People, many of whom are long-time residents, are struggling to pay their rents or have been forced to...

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Ballot Access Reform

New York's antiquated election laws are highly technical and needlessly burdensome, making it entirely too easy for incumbents to throw challengers off of the ballot. Speaker Silver has not received a primary challenge in 22 years in part because of...

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Campaign Finance Reform

Campaign Finance Reform Campaign finance reform is the reform that makes all other reform possible. That's why I support Clean Money, Clean Elections legislation that will decrease the power of incumbency and reduce the influence of special interests in New...

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Come meet Luke at The Dressing Room!

When: Tuesday, August 26, 5:30 pm to 8 pm

Where: The Dressing Room, 75A Orchard St., between Broome and Grand St.

Why: Come meet Luke and join us for a fundraiser as we prepare for September 9th - Primary Day.

Subway: F/J/M/Z to Essex St - Delancey St or B/D to Grand St.

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