Reform Mayoral Control / Expansion of Educational Opportunities


I support mayoral control of the New York public school system. Parents deserve a say in their children's education, so they should be able to vote for the lawmakers who are responsible for the policies implemented by their school system. For this reason, mayoral control should be renewed in 2009.

However, change is needed. As it stands, the state has relinquished too much control over the schools, leading to a lack of accountability and insufficient opportunities for input from students, parents, and teachers. Parent coordinators are not filling the role they should, acting as a conduit between parents and the administration. When legislators vote for renewal of mayoral control, they can include provisions that would require the state to sponsor parent, student, and teacher watchdog groups in order to ensure that the public schools are meeting the needs of the people they serve. The state should also include provisions in education appropriations that would make funds conditional upon the City Council enacting legislation that would make the system more accountable.

The state should also expand educational opportunities by providing universal pre-kindergarten facilities, so that every child is given a solid beginning to their education, regardless of socioeconomic status. I also support reducing tuition for SUNY and CUNY schools.

Help end the 21st Century Tammany Hall Style Politics at Boss Tweed's Saloon!

When: Sunday, August 10 3:00pm to 6pm

Where: Boss Tweed's Saloon, 115 Essex St, between Rivington and Delancey

Why: Come join us for a fun party as we raise funds to oust Speaker Silver and end the modern Tammany Hall style politics which are prevalent in Albany.

Subway: F/J/M/Z to Essex St - Delancey St

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