Luke Henry Rejects Speaker Silver's Wait-and-See Approach on Budget

Calls for Leadership in Cutting Deficit Spending

New York, New York (August 1, 2008)--On Wednesday, Speaker Sheldon Silver addressed the state's climbing budget deficit projections by saying, "Let's sit around for a few more weeks and analyze a little more data before we act precipitously." Today, Luke Henry responds to this negligent and irresponsible approach.

"'Wait and see' has been a hallmark of Speaker Silver's tenure," said Henry. "The Speaker always finds time to sit around but all too often doesn't find time to act until it's too late. Speaker Silver has received ample time and ample warning about growing fiscal woes, but has remained mired in inaction. He has demonstrated this pattern time and again, putting off the introduction of campaign finance reform legislation until the waning days of the legislative session, when no time for compromise remained. He dragged his feet on congestion pricing, all the while signaling support, until he orchestrated a no-vote on the vital legislation. Lower Manhattan needs a representative who will act decisively to combat the state's problems."

Luke Henry advocates initiating a state hiring freeze and reducing salaries and benefits for future managerial hires, until the depth and severity of the problem is appreciated. He also highlights the need to identify and remove duplicative programs that strain the state's budget. But such short term fixes need to be coupled with long term initiatives in order to dislodge the structures that have caused the state's deficit to mount over time. Luke Henry calls for increased oversight over the state's authorities in order to expose and reduce waste. He also champions publicly financed campaigns as the best means to limit the influence of special interests, whose priorities clog the arteries of government.

"If elected, I will not sit around to institute cost-saving reforms," Henry said. "Voters in Lower Manhattan can count on me to relentlessly pursue any and all measures that can responsibly contribute to putting the state's fiscal house in order," he added. Henry additionally outlined greater review and oversight over member-items as a common sense opportunity for fiscal housekeeping.

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