Fair Congestion Pricing


A new version of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's congestion pricing plan that was killed by Speaker Silver this year will cut down on the traffic that contributes to the district's high childhood asthma rates and will provide the state with the funds necessary to repair our city's deteriorating public transportation infrastructure. With three major bridges, residents of our district bear an unfair proportion of Manhattan's traffic pollution.

By ensuring that the people who can utilize public transportation do so and by promoting carpooling, congestion pricing will get vehicles off the streets. And traffic gridlock isn't just a public health and safety issue; it also costs us money. The Partnership for New York City conservatively places the cost of traffic congestion at $13 billion a year.

New York State is facing a fiscal crisis, with projected deficits soaring to $6.4 billion. Congestion pricing plan could have secured up to $354 million dollars in federal grant money if it had been enacted in March. The plan would also generate a projected $500 million annually for the MTA, money that could be used to renovate a crumbling and outdated system that needs improvement in order to keep the city moving forward. Increased revenue would help the MTA avoid the ensuing rate hike that will financially constrain working families in Lower Manhattan.

I will work to see that a new and improved plan is passed. A new plan should also address the burdens that such a plan will put upon small businesses and will properly address its impact on low-income neighborhoods and areas that do not have access to public transportation.

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