Statewide Universal Health Care


Universal healthcare is the most practical and cost-effective solution to our state's healthcare problems. By insuring the entire population, New Yorkers will make more regular visits to the doctor and fewer visits to the emergency room, and families will not be forced to make the horrifying decision between purchasing food and prescription drugs.

The federal government has proven unable to form the coalition necessary to pass national universal healthcare. Until our nation's leaders join the ranks of every other industrialized nation and insure the entire population, New York should follow the example of Massachusetts and institute statewide universal healthcare.

I support creating more local primary health care clinics, so that people make more frequent visits to the doctor. This allows conditions to be diagnosed in their early stages, when treatment is less costly and more successful, relieving the health care system of the added pressure of catastrophic illness.

Come meet Luke at The Dressing Room!

When: Tuesday, August 26, 5:30 pm to 8 pm

Where: The Dressing Room, 75A Orchard St., between Broome and Grand St.

Why: Come meet Luke and join us for a fundraiser as we prepare for September 9th - Primary Day.

Subway: F/J/M/Z to Essex St - Delancey St or B/D to Grand St.

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