Luke Henry Uses Petition Kick-Off to Highlight Need for Ballot-Access Reforms


New York, New York (June 3, 2008)--On June 3, the first day of petitioning, Luke Henry proposed a set of reforms designed to ease New York's petition requirements, which are overly restrictive and can result in even strong candidates being thrown off the ballot.

"After years of Sheldon Silver's failed leadership, New York's petition requirements remain the worst in the nation--arcane, unnecessary, and needlessly onerous," said Henry. "The specific ballot-access reforms that I have set forth today will help to ensure that New York voters have the choice of candidates they deserve on election day by easing petition requirements. If elected, I will work hard to see that these reforms become the law."

Specifically, Henry proposed the following:

* The number of signatures required should be cut in half;

* The amount of time required to obtain the signatures should be doubled; and

* Individuals should be allowed to sign more than one petition.

Last week, the campaign announced that it has hired petitioning expert Alan Zimmerman to direct its petitioning operation. Zimmerman specializes in helping candidates overcome New York's notoriously burdensome petition requirements and gain access to the ballot.

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